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Short Tours

Antalya is situated in the middle of Toros Mountains and the Mediterranean Sea. It is the most important tourism areas in Turkiye. Antalya’s most attraction is its mother nature. It is the meeting point of sea, forest and mountains.
Crystal waters, green forests and the historical areas are the attractions that attracts people to this paradise.
It is our duty to make you live an beautiful, strange and endless routes day at the mountains, forests and historical sites that are lost between Likaya mountains and the villages of our spectacular country-city.
On return of our daily Antalya surrounding area motorbike excursions, general maintenance of our motorbikes are performed at our service stations. Upon your request we can provide Professional guides and technical team to join your excursion for non-stop and safe day.

Extended Tours

With our extended Anatolian tours, upon your request every land that our tour goes we can accompany an 4x4 pickup truck, required tools and equipment for the whole tour, spare parts, spare, spare mags, inner and outer tires and full service equipments. A spare motorbike is provided on a pick-up truck, an extra fee is not included fort this motorbike.

What ever crosses your mind, the mountains, meadow, plateau, forests and whilst living the extend you will be totally relaxed knowing that you have our strength protecting you on your full exciting adrenalin tour.